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Foldaway Aluminium Wash Lines
Looking for n neat idea...  We have a classy solution.
Aluminium fold away or fold fold away wash lines

Best fold away wash lines in south africa made from aluminium and folds down tightly against almost any wall
Our wash lines will not rust.
We install around JHB
No need to paint them as they are aluminium wahs lines.
Why aluminium foldaway clothes lines?
Aluminium washing lines will outlast any other due to it being and aluminium washing line.
We manufacture the foldaway washing lines here in our home bassed factory
You can place an order the one day and collect the next working day from:
25 Achilies Drive

We also install our washing lines

We only manufacture top quality foldaway wash lines and also supply the industry.
Call or WA Tommy today on 0727803278 for an instant quote
Email also welcome at tommy@306am.co.za
Aluminium fold away wash lines
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